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Alishan enjoys the worldwide reputation as a delightful tourist attraction, renowned for the woods, the old trains, the sunrise, the cloud sea, the sunset and the cherry blossoms.Alishan is also one of the eight spectacles in Taiwan.

Situated next to Alishan ErWanPin Railway Station and facing Tashan--- the sacred mountain of Zhou tribe, Alishan Youth Activity Center is surrounded by the original forests and the altitudinal railways. Outstanding for the alluring natural scenery of the sunrise and the sunset, the area including Alishan Youth Activity Center has become one new tourist attraction,called ErWanPin Scenic Area.

The architecture style of Alishan Youth Activity Center is the romantic European style with overall facilities and a spacious area. The original administrative concept of Alishan Youth Activity Center is to create the cozy atmosphere like a family and to offer attentive services.Redecorated with wooden floor to build Japanese-style guestrooms, Alishan Youth Activity Center offers you 48 guestrooms and suites, conference rooms, tea house, Karaoke room, Youth Cafe—Cherry Blossom House,etc.Excellently equipped with the fashionable and leisure functions, Alishan Youth Activity Center is your primary choice for lodging, hiking and conference.

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Enjoying the unique scenes of the sunset of Tashan, the changing scenes of the cloud sea, the starry night, The charming night scenery in southern Taiwan and the spring scenery of cherry blossoms, you may indulge in this secular paradise, like in the heaven, without any worries.

The healthy pathways, such as Black Forests, usher you to breathe the fresh air full of Phytoncide.You may enjoy singing in QingKang Square. The starry sky in four seasons leads you to into the world of myth and take you to discover the mystery of the universe.

The tea from Alishan enjoys the worldwide reputation and we sincerely present special cuisine only in Alishan to you. All staff in Alishan Youth Activity Center welcomes your coming wholeheartedly, guaranteeing you pleasing dining, comfortable lodging and delightful traveling.