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Alishan Forest Recreation Area

Alishan is well-known leisurely tourist spot for Chinese-foreign, area of 1397.83 hectares is consisted of 18 mountains which is a branch vein of Yushan mountains , it is distancing about 75 kilometers from the east of Chiayi City, tourists can drive along the Tai-18th Highway (Chiayi-Alishan) or Tai-21th Highway(Shueili-Alishan) to arrive at Alishan. The air temperature presents vertical distribution with tropical zone, temperate warm zone and temperate zone climate and Alishan is an international scenic spot for its beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. The sunrise, cloud sea, sunset glow, forest railway and Giant Trees are called 5 wonderful views of Alishan ; 8 new sceneries of Alishan includes Tashan Particular Cliff, No. 28 Giant Trees, Ogasawara Mountain, Shuishan Giant Trees, Sianglin Arch Bridge, Ciyun Viewing Platform, Shengyi Waterfall, Alishan Sacred Tree Historical Remains etc., which are all famous far and wide, the blossom season of Alishan is even more crowded with tourists on March and April every year .

There have grand and specific red cypress giant trees view of Sianglin Sacred Tree, Stump Looks Like Elephant’s Trunk, Three Generation Tree, Thousand Year Cypress, Forever One Heart, The Pig-Shaped Old Stump, Three Brothers, Four Sisters inside the park; Sister Ponds, and leisure spots of Zhaoping Park(Sakura Path and Poetry Trail, Alishan Hotel(Chiang Kai-Shek Resorts), Alishan Museum, Alishan Botanical Garden, Ogasawara viewing platform, Pagoda of the Tree Spirit and Lumber Collecting Post for tourists stopping to watch these views; Shou Cheng Temple, Tse Yung Temple and Alishan Tu Di Gong Temple are important faith in local; the Giant Tree Trial, Tashan Forest Trial, Duigaoyue Forest Trial, Zhushan Sunrise Viewing Trial, Shishan Trial are the best places for hiking and forest bath.

Yushan National Park

Yushan National Park is located in the center of Taiwan with an area of 103,121 hectares, the mountains are steep and towering which are the highest mountains in Northeast Asia and 3,952 meters of altitude headed by Yushan National Park ,covering a total of one third famous steep mountains in Taiwan, and continuously, it is called “Roof Ridge of Taiwan”.

This area not only has grand topography of high mountains but also ancient stratum structure, cliffs and canyons included which became cradling of the three major river system in Taiwan in case of plentiful rainfall and exuberant forest. Furthermore, the ecology of Yushan National Park is influenced by the extremes topography of high mountains and deep ravines that is resulted in variety views of vertical florizones and animal habitat from subtropical zone to subarctic zone, which can be called scale-down version of original Taiwan.

There has Level One Ancient Monument---Batongguan Historic Trail, which is an important milestone by Qin government turned attitude from negative resistance into positive development for managing Taiwan. While the 2 garrison routes were developed in Japanese occupation period that were the results of Japanese policy for governing minorities in Taiwan telling Bunun in anti-Japanese heroically deeds for18 years.

Lian Wan Pin Trail

Lian Wan Pin Trail is located next to triangular parterre with 2 monuments in the trail for memorizing with 2 Japanese engineering technicians died at their posts when the Alishan forest railway was building at that time. Only for 15 minutes to walk the entire journey that is suitable for travelers walking forward at early morning or in the evening to enjoy the original forest bath.

Tashan Sunset

It is a good site for watching “Tashan sunset” of 5 wonderful views from the Lian Wan Pin Station facing west side, tourist can see quite a different views among Tashan Sunset and Zhushan Sunrise by sea of clouds seething waves in valleys and evening sunlight glow from Winter till early Spring season; when in Summer nights, tourists can look into the distance for night scene of “Yunlin and Chiayi” “ from the station in cloudless weather, factories lights of Mai Liao in Yunlin are clearly visible, while at daytime, tourists even can see the first river---Zhuoshui River Estuary in Taiwan.

Featured tour routes

【2 Days Trip】

【Itinerary 1】
Day 1:
Departure→ Lunch in Chaiyi →Alishan Forest Recreation Area→ Alishan Activity Center check in→ Tashan Sunset→ Dinner→ Lian Wan Pin Station stars observing
Day 2:
Zhushan Sunrise→ Return to Activity Center→ Breakfast check out→ Fenci Lake,taste Fenci Lake boxed meal→ Everlasting Bridge→ Visit Chiayi Hinoki Village→ Return Trip
【Itinerary BItinerary 2】
Day 1:
Departure→ Fenci Lake,taste Fenci Lake boxed meal→ Head for Yushan National Park, Tataka → Activity Center check in→ Tashan Sunset→ Dinner→ Lian Wan Pin Station stars observing
Day 2:
Breakfast , Check out → Alishan Forest Recreation Area→ YUYUPAS→ Lunch→ Chukou Tourist Center→ Return Trip

【3 Days Trip】

Day 1:
Fenci Lake Lunch(Nostalgic Ancient City, Dadonshan Forest Trial, Railway Boxed Meal) → Alishan Youth Activity Center check in→ Tashan Sunset→ Dinner→ Lian Wan Pin Station stars observing
Day 2:
View Sunrise(Zhushan or Yuishan National Park)→ Yuishan National Park (Tourist Center, Fuci Tree, Sacred Tree)→ Lunch-Alishan Forest Recreation Area-Return Activity Center for dinner
Day 3:
Breakfast→ Visit YUYUPAS→ Lunch→ Visit Hinoki Village→ Return trip

【Zhushan Sunrise Itinerary】

Depart from Center→ Alishan Scenic Area (15 min by car)→ Alishan Station(3 min by walk)→ Small train bounds for Zhushan (One-way trip 35 min).
1. We suggest you book Sunrise viewing train for round-trip ticket which can be used in Alisan Scenic Area repeatedly(re-stamp the seal by tollhouse).
2. The number of daily train trips will be assorted with time of sunrise and flexible adjusted by the crowds.
3. If you have sunrise viewing plan, we suggest you can book pre-sale sunrise viewing small train in Alisan Station on the day before PM13:00-16:30 to save time and avoid tickets from being sold out.

【Special Recommended Itinerary】

Challenge for Yushan hiking itinerary by 3,952 meters(Please call our center)